About us

GrowKap’s mission is to provide financing for when growing companies really need it – when they need supplies to fill customer orders.

By financing the supplies and taking the risk burden, the growing company can focus on fulfilling orders that would otherwise be too financially challenging or even impossible to take.

GrowKap emerges from AREA42’s customer-centric approach to venture building. AREA42 is Credendo’s innovation lab, using TradeTech and customer insight to create cutting-edge, trustworthy, problem-solving trade finance products that create a risk-savvy B2B trade environment.

The combination of AREA42’s focus on digital innovation and Credendo’s 100-plus years’ experience in trade credit insurance ensures GrowKap meets today’s business demands.



Jacques Bolzer
Head of Business Development
Pablo Abreu
Product Owner
Yuri Vieira
Hector Granero
Pieter Neels
Growth Lead
Lode Vermeersch
Head of AREA42
Frederik Simoen
Strategy & Innovation Lead
Afonso Rebelo de Sousa
Lean Startup Coach
Matej Urban
Data and Risk Manager
Gregory Gobel
Marketing and Content Lead
Saskia Buntix
Office Manager

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Rue Montoyer 3, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique